Ok, so this isn’t the car that you might want for looks or security, but the inventors did go outside of the box and I do believe this will spark more ideas about solving some of the issues the inner city traffic in big cities poses. The fact that it’s not flashingly quick or that it can’t drive 500 kilometers doesn’t have to be an issue at all, as long as everyone knows the purpose and other benefits a car like this will bring.

What are your thoughts on this? What would be the most important 2 things that an inner city car would have to  have to make you consider it? Please use the comments section to share thoughts and ideas.

South Korean ‘Armadillo’ car folds up for easy parking

With a click on a smartphone, the experimental “Armadillo-T” electric car made in South Korea will park itself and fold nearly in half, freeing up space in crowded cities.

The quirky two-seater, named after the animal whose shell it resembles, may never see production but it is part of a trend of developing environmentally friendly vehicles for urban spaces.

The car can travel 100 km (62 miles) on a 10-minute charge and has a maximum speed of 60 km per hour (37 miles per hour).

When it comes time to park, the rear of the vehicle folds over the front, almost halving its body length to just 1.65 meters (65 inches).

A visitor photographs Armadillo-T, a foldable electric vehicle, at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon

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