A selection of the projects that I’m working on or am involved in is:

  • Voyced is a European VoIP Telephony provider.
  • R the Company. Quality does come cheap.
  • Nieuw: Uw bedrijf snel, makkelijk, goed en goedkoop aan het communiceren. Standaard pakketen waarmee u aan de gang kunt en voor een prijs die u niet zult geloven!
  • This is a general brand that I use to invest and/or get certain start-ups to the market.
  • is the site that is linked to me as a person.
  • BillingDomain is an international online Administration and Bookkeeping solution for the SME market.
  • BrandsRU will help you with your branding, social media and corporate identity
  • PRmail is an amazing and innovative E-email marketing platform
  • Budgetpakken is a new to be released SME (MKB) solution that will give startup’s clear and concise costs for a fully spec’ed online presence package
  • Eyetracking-heatmap solutions
  • SiteMuze is a full-blown CMS (Content Management System)
  • PlugTheHole
  • FlexSMTP – Flexible mail delivery solutions
  • BrightStorm – Knowledge sharing solutions, both online and offline.
  • Technology Matters is een Nederlanse ICT provider / Distributeur
  • ShopApp has a whole range of solutions for the all important E-commerce and online shop market.