Google seems to be pushing more and more functionality onto it’s user base. There are many that aren’t really having it and I hear many disgruntled users complaining about it. I personally don’t like the way some functions are spontaneously appearing and no direct way of removing them, let alone that we’re being asked if we want to enable it in the 1st place.

So the question is, how to remove the (new) Chrome notification in your toolbar

The most recent one that got my goat was the Chrome Notifications that was added to my overcrowded menu bar without warning and without a direct way of enabling / disabling it. Why would you do that Google? It makes it look more creepy if you do it like that anyway so the net result is that people are either ok with it or, very possibly, dislike it and distrust what you are doing. Yes, even if you meant well, sneaky doesn’t pay off in the long run.

So for all that have seen the Google Chrome installed that icon up there without even asking me, its not hard to disable:

1. in the Chrome URL bar, type: chrome://flags

2a. on the page that loads up, scroll down until you see “Enable Rich Notifications Mac, Windows”, and select “Disabled”. Chrome will tell you it has to restart, and when it restarts, the icon in the menu bar has gone.

2b. And possibly, starting with Chrome for OS X, “Enable Rich Notifications Mac, Windows” has changed to “Notification Center behavior Mac”. If you leave that setting to “Default” and relaunch Chrome, there will be no bell icon in the OS X menu bar anymore or set it to disable and be sure it won’t reappear at all..

Good luck and claim back your own Menubar space!

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