The world’s best start-up hubs For years reporting of start-up culture seemed to be focused on the activities of businesses based in Silicon Valley, with seemingly little room for start-up success stories to take place outside of the West Coast narrative. While this tech hot-bed still dictates headlines at the billion dollar end of the   Read More …

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What has happened to the world? How can the collective opinion be that all things should be dead cheap or free even and still expect everyone to make a proper salary?! Do the math, those two can’t live together, so let’s all make a conscious choice and help people rather then corporations.

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Blog daily : Seth Godin’s advice to all entrepreneurs I’ve been following and reading Godin, an author, marketer, and public speaker, for a long time. We both started to blog about the same time and exchanged a few emails about blogging, back in the day when ‘celebrity bloggers’ (him, not me) were easilyᅠ… Read more   Read More …

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