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Heb je regelmatig gaatjes en zie je er daarom altijd tegenop om naar de tandarts te gaan? Over drie jaar hoef je je geen zorgen meer te maken. Boren is dan verleden tijd. Er komt namelijk een behandeling waardoor tanden zichzelf kunnen herstellen. Zichzelf herstellen  Tot nu toe is boren altijd nodig geweest om rottend   Read More …

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What has happened to the world? How can the collective opinion be that all things should be dead cheap or free even and still expect everyone to make a proper salary?! Do the math, those two can’t live together, so let’s all make a conscious choice and help people rather then corporations.

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I like new innovation that frees the mind. Things that make us realize that we can do so much more and so much more flexible. Just imagine that you swiped the area next to your door and in instant reactive light switch seems to be there! Ad Hoc Interactive Applications on Everyday Surfaces Creating interfaces   Read More …

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This is cool, once you know what it means to do this in HTMl5/CSS3 only. Check it out, it really is something else. __ An entirely HTML/CSS animated sketch for each letter made (hopefully) every day for 26 days. Follow the link in each post to view the animation’s code.

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