I try not to rant to often but sometimes it’s hard to contain myself. What brought this on you may ask. Well, recently I’ve been getting many many requests to enter into a mutually beneficial work relationship which turns out to be the ‘new’ way of trying to get a foot in the door for   Read More …

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De Belastingdienst heeft 203 miljoen euro besteed aan een mislukt automatiseringsproject. Het gaat om de bouw van ETPM, een centraal systeem voor het innen van alle belastingen en het uitbetalen van toeslagen, voorschotten en verrekeningen. De fiscus besloot begin 2014 om te stoppen met de ontwikkeling van ETPM. Al in 2009 werd overwogen om de   Read More …

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What has happened to the world? How can the collective opinion be that all things should be dead cheap or free even and still expect everyone to make a proper salary?! Do the math, those two can’t live together, so let’s all make a conscious choice and help people rather then corporations.

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Pussy Riot has had it’s fair share of trouble for ventign their opinion. Why do they get the hassle that they do? Are they touching a sore nerve or are they a perceived threath and if so, why? Please Mr. Putin, you should now by now (and see that hapening all around you) that force   Read More …

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Police in Spain say all of the people enrolled in their public seminar knew they would be seeing women in their underwear — but they obviously weren’t prepared . They have been forced to apologize for using “highly erotic” video to demonstrate first aid techniques during a public training course. Read more

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