Is there more then we can ‘see’?

People that know me well enough, or possibly even those that don’t know me all that well yet, will know about my opinions and beliefs with regards to the paranormal, the spiritual, the esoteric or whatever you want to call it. I’m not one to hide my opinion in any case or on any topic let alone something I have passionate beliefs on.

So what is all this about?

Well, I came across this article that intrigued me, a lot even.
I don’t think I ever saw or experienced a Doppelganger, as yet, but would I know and realize it if I did?
There are many entities around us all, most of them are more then friendly and helpful, so what is this macabre ‘evil twin’ all about and why would he or she be evil and not just misguided, in search of something or even just trying to convey a message? And possibly misunderstood in their attempt at letting you know what they have to tell.

Has any of you experienced a Doppelganger and would you be ok in sharing the story with me, please let me know as I’ld be very interested to find out more about this. Thank you.


A Doppelganger is considered the evil twin, the harbinger of misfortune, the omen of death, and is very rare. In some cases, the victim of this haunting activity may be in danger, or perhaps soon meet their untimely death.  Sounds creepy?  Just wait until you read the stories of some true accounts of doppelgangers throughout history.

10. John Donne

Donne was a 16th century English poet who was visited by a doppelganger while he was in Paris.  The odd thing about this account is that the doppelganger wasn’t his at all, but his wife instead.  The doppelganger of his wife was holding a newborn baby.  Donne’s wife was pregnant at the time, but the doppelganger showed her in a somber state.  At the exact same moment ….

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