The writers’ challenge. Write a 1 sentence scary story.

What is this challenge all about?

I’ve seen many writer’s challenges and like them (generally) so I thought we’ld start a new one together. The rules are simple, make it a scary story that is only one sentence long. No, not a sentence of 200 words but a normal, readable sentence. Get as many writer’s (and this can really be anyone) to join in and let’s see what we can come up with and what will be the best one’s. I’ll try to find sponsor for prices as well, but that’s not what this should be about, it’s about sharing and participating.

Let’s make this a raving succes, ok!

Add your sentence as a comment and don’t forget to add a link to a social profile or mail address or something.


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6 Responses so far.

  1. Hein Kuenen says:

    As I turned away from the mirror I caught a glimpse of my mirror image from the corner of my eye and it didn’t move, it kept staring straight at me.

  2. John says:

    For Sale : baby shoes, never worn

  3. For just a moment she forgot to breathe in the acrid stench of death surrounding her, but then she remembered and smiled.

  4. I’m out of breath and stand motionless, as I peak around the wall, to glance, to see if it’s still there – it sees me!

  5. Monika Szente says:

    Slowly regaining consciousness, she stares desperately into the impenetrable darkness as her fingers hesitantly trace the rough surfaces of her invisible confines then suddenly paralysing terror chokes off her final scream in realizing she has been buried alive.

  6. Melinda Szente says:

    The piercing sound of scratches and screams coming from the basement slithered behind her like a blood-soaked bridal train as she left the house with all the terrors of the merciless night behind.

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